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There for your best friend when you can't be

Who needs a dog walker?

People use dog walkers either regularly or occasionally for many reasons for example :-
  • owners work long hours and do not want to leave their dog alone and bored for too long
  • working shifts makes regular walking difficult
  • change in owner's health has made walking more difficult
  • new baby or other new commitments
  • to give their dog an opportunity to socialise and play with other dogs

Using a dog walker brings extra stimulation into your dog's life through different experiences and challenges and helps build their confidence . Many owners have noted positive changes in their dog as they become more confident and settled.

Dogs need regular exercise

Like us, regular exercise keeps your dog fit and healthy. An average dog needs a minimum of 30 minutes of active exercise each day. An inactive dog can become bored and this leads to problems such as destructive behaviour, soiling, barking or neurotic behaviour. Dogs are intelligent and need stimulation that they can get from walking , socialising and playing. 

I set up this service in 2012, after leaving teaching, to pursue my love of animals- especially dogs and because I enjoy walking. Although quite a change from teaching pupils, I benefit from my experience as I am very professional and calm as well as caring and patient. 
I had nine years experience in my first career working with animals in a veterinarian setting as well as training working dogs. I am therefore experienced in handling dogs of different temperaments as well as dealing with many medical conditions and administering medication.
Throughout my life I have always had pets.. Mice, Guinea Pigs,Cats, Terrapin, Snakes, Toads to mention a few!  I have previously had German Shepherds  and currently have a Bichon Frise called Millie and until May 2018,  a Goldendoodle called Murphy:-

Me walking a cairn terrier called Dougal for a neighbour at Walton Park circa 1970 - my first dog walking job?

The Lead Lady strives to provide a professional, safe service appropriate to your pet's needs. We don't claim to treat your pet as our own, that may not be your way! We will however, care for your pet in accordance with your requests and their particular needs  in a professional, ethical and caring manner. 

Each of us is insured for up to 6 dogs but we currently take up to 4 each or 7 if we walk together 
I have always used a car for transport with 2 dog guards separating the seats into 3 areas, rather than a van as dogs too like to look out of the windows and I can use the seat-belt restraints and harnesses if needed. I now have a lower intensity walk in the afternoon for our more senior or less able clients who need a gentler plod! 

We are insured with Pet Business Insurance:

  •  Public Liability – should an animal cause an accident or injury or damage someone else's property
  •  Care, Custody and Control (Liability to Animals)  - in case an animal is injured or lost 
  • Non Negligent Cover (as an extension of Public liability cover). Covers accidental injury to an animal in our care
  • Loss of Key Cover

Latest News!

  • For the 2nd year running I have been rated one of the top 3 dog walkers in Trafford :-

  • We have now expanded as my partner Anthony has joined the pack 

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